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Mava Project :

It is within the framework of the implementation of the sustainable small pelagics management program that the SRFC has requested and obtained from the MAVA the financing of the project "Support for the sustainable management of small pelagic populations in the SRFC area". ". This project contributes to the consolidation and sustainability of programs already implemented or under implementation at the SRFC level. In this perspective, the project is mainly geared towards improving the system of data collection and scientific knowledge on the stocks and critical sites of small pelagics; weak link in the sub-regional system for the sustainable management of small pelagics. To achieve the results of the project, the CSRP, in collaboration with the direct and indirect partners, will focus on:


I. Improving the system of data collection and scientific knowledge by an adequate sampling system of the project area through a network of field investigators, composed of technicians from research centers and university institutes concerned or recruited for the project, who will be trained and equipped with next-generation data In addition, the capacities of the research centers will be strengthened to facilitate the processing and storage of the collected data as well as the dissemination of the results to decision-makers, researchers, technical and financial partners and the general public. To this end, a dedicated IT platform will be set up, interconnected to all project stakeholders. This platform will be centralized and managed by the SRFC.

II. The mapping of critical sites with the organization of experimental surveys, bringing together experts from research centers and university institutes and local populations. To do this, the work will consist of collecting or supplementing information on sensitive areas (spawning and juvenile concentration areas) and consolidating sub-regional mapping of the main sites. These maps will be available on the dedicated computer platform for use by all project stakeholders and the general public. The maps will also enable the administration, in collaboration with the local populations, to take relevant management measures such as the temporary closure to fishing of the critical areas of reproduction and growth of small pelagics.


III. Objectives

Overall objective: Implementation of the project "Support for Sustainable Management of Small Pelagic Populations in the SRFC Area"


Specific objectives:

The specific objective of this convention is the collection and / or complementing of information on sensitive areas (spawning grounds and concentration of juveniles) and to consolidate at the sub-regional level for the mapping of the main sites

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